But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true Worshippers shall Worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to Worship him.

John 4.23

United In Praise and Worship: Call To Worship The Lord Jesus Christ In The Beauty Of Holiness.

Our major gatherings are 3 times a year in April, September, and December. Worship vigils is every three months, we also have weekly Prayer, Praise and Worship on the phone (720) 650-3030 Ext.6516178. Monthly Praise and Worship gatherings. The Kings Banquet (end of year Thanksgiving celebration).


To Unite All People;

The young, the old, the rich, the poor, the helpless, the hopeless and all who simply want to experience the love of God, the power of God, the presence of God through Prayer, Praise, Worship and the word of God.


As revealed by the spirit of the living God, to Sister Jewel. On May 2018 on the Mountain of Transfiguration in Isreal she was told:

“Repair and restore the altar of Worship so that My glory can be revealed in preparation of My return.”

Our only agenda is to glorify our Almighty God with our Praise and Worship. One of our main focus is Repentance and sanctification, before entering the presence of our most Holy High God.
Pslam 66 Verse 18

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.”

come ready to


a Freshness

God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth John 4 :24
The first thought here by the Master is that there must be harmony between God and His worshippers :such as God is ,must His worship be It is only Christ who opens the way and teaches the worship in Spirit The worship of the Father is only possible to those whom the Spirit of the Son has been given The worship in spirit is only possible to those to whom the Son has revealed the Father and who has received the Spirit of Sonship
We are carnal and cannot bring God the worship He seeks But Jesus came to give the Spirit.
There must be a deep confession of our inability to bring God the worship that is pleasing to Him,the childlike teachableness that waits on Him to instruct us ;the simple faith that yields itself to the breathing of the Spirit .To have Christ the Son ,the Spirit of the Son ,dwelling within us and revealing the Father ,this makes us true ,spiritual worshippers
There must be a cry
Let the infinite Fatherliness of God’s heart be our joy and strength for a life of prayer and of worship Amen
Andrew Murray
‘With Christ in the school of prayer”1895
It is only the Holy Spirit that can teach us the WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.
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We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating, and going to a new church ministry for the first time can be nerve-racking. We want to help make your first experience at UIP a great one!

Money is most valuable when it is put to work spreading the gospel and helping people. As individuals and as a ministry, it is our privilege to give generously to the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ. 

No secret formulas. Just simple faith and trust in Jesus Christ. We come together each week in a diverse environment for those who simply want to worship, learn, and know more about Christ.

Our Bible-Centered Values

What We Believe


We believe in salvation by God’s grace, through faith in what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. Salvation is available to all who will truly believe in God’s redemption plan, which is Jesus Christ, the way and the truth and the life.


We believe in God the Holy Spirit. He regenerates and indwells the believer, baptizing them into the Body of Christ empowering them to live victorious lives. The Holy Spirit is the teacher, the guide and the One who empowers the Christian.


We believe that the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, is the divinely authoritative Word of God and the standard for every age and for every life. We believe it is without error and its authority is final and eternal.